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Our cry, "Let there be Light," in such troubling times as these, is also the first declaration and invitation God speaks in the Bible -- God's first words at creation. 

We give ourselves to God. We follow Jesus. Come down into the waters with Jesus and be raised up, made new, and ready to hear God speak.

Lift up your hearts, friends. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. 2020 has brought a lot of darkness. But Christ the Light shines even in this gloom. Let us celebrate and claim and follow Jesus Christ the Light. Merry Christmas!

Advent is not a time for the faint of spirit. It is a time to bring all of our yearning for God and for good, all our readiness and willingness to the adventure of living, and all our attentiveness to God's invitation to dare to open windows to heaven for others. "Oh that you would tear open the heavens and come down!" cries the prophet Isaiah. The Holy Spirit answers each one of us, "How might you tear open a corner of heaven for others so that they can glimpse the love of Christ the Lord?"


It was 2002 when Afghanistan held its first free elections following decades of Soviet and Islamic jihadist rule. People had to dip their thumbs or forefingers in purple dye to mark themselves as voters. It was intended as a prevention of voter fraud. But it also became a badge of honor.

In the U.S., we vote. This year, in 2020, we voted like no other year in recent history -- with high turnout in mail and in person for both presidential candidates. We take it as a privilege and responsibility. But we cannot take it as a weapon or a declaration of some "personal constitution."

Voting is not just my voice -- it is my voice added and then yielded to the total voice of the whole. 

Listen, and mark how you will seek conversation, understanding, and compromise, and how you will respect others who think and believe differently.


Who is your god? What is your kingdom?

Charging Bull - WikipediaThese are questions for every follower of Jesus to take to heart, especially now in this season leading up to a national election.

I encourage you to read Exodus chapters 20-32. And I encourage you to read Matthew chapters 20-22. Then, listen again to this sermon.

The God of Life invites you -- to the way of the cross.

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