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Who is your god? What is your kingdom?

Charging Bull - WikipediaThese are questions for every follower of Jesus to take to heart, especially now in this season leading up to a national election.

I encourage you to read Exodus chapters 20-32. And I encourage you to read Matthew chapters 20-22. Then, listen again to this sermon.

The God of Life invites you -- to the way of the cross.

Forgiveness may seem hard to offer. Maybe that's because forgiveness is also hard to accept and receive. Do you know and accept that you are truly, fully forgiven by God?

For scriptures tied to this sermon, read Exodus 14:19-31, Romans 14:1-12, and Matthew 18:21-35.


Lessons from Joseph and from the Canaanite woman that meets Jesus help us glimpse the power of opening ourselves to feel and share our sorrows, our losses, our hopes and yearnings and dreams. In this time of pandemic and of pain across the world, let us dare to be this fully human, and meet the God who feels deeply with us and more deeply than we can imagine.

Jesus comes to the disciples straining against tormenting waves.

Joseph is sold into slavery by his own brothers.

God is in the chaos. Chaos happens. And God is there.

Meditate on these scriptures with me --

Genesis 25:19-34

Matthew 13:1-9,18-23

How are you each of the characters in the Genesis story?

How are you each type of soil in Jesus' parable of the sower? And what type of sower are you?

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